Early Man

Good Places to Start

"World Book Encyclopedia" (Central, BV, NW) article "Prehistoric People"

"The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution" R 599.938 CAMBR (Central, BV) chapter 6.6 "Evolution of Early Humans"

Good Overviews with More Depth

"Smithsonian Intimate Guide to Human Origins" 599.938 ZIMME (BV, NW)

"Dawn of Man" 599.938 MCKIE (Central, BV)

Each Species

"A Day with Homo Habilis" J 569.9 FACCH (Central, BV)

"A Day with Homo Erectus" J 569.9 FACCH (Central, BV)

"A Day with Neanderthal Man" J 569.9 FACCH (Central, BV)

"A Day with Homo Sapiens" J 569.9 FACCH (Central, BV)

Skull Fossil Photographs and Drawings

"Extinct Humans" 599.938 TATTE (Central, BV)

"Human Origins" 599.947 3rd ED. 1998 LARSE (BV)

"From Lucy to Language" 599.938 JOHAN X-OVERSIZE (Central, BV)

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