Social Studies

Ancient History

Ancient Egypt Exhibit: "Weird" pyramid theories ,games(Gr. 4+)

British Museum:Ancient Egypt

Explore the Pyramids: Purpose, construction,maps, diagrams (Gr. 3+)

Life in Ancient Egypt: Timeline and culture and custom topics (Grades 4+)

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Art: Exhibit, activities (Gr. 5+)

Theban Mapping Project:Valley of Kings and necropolis (Gr. 6+)

Virtual Models: UCLA's ancient sites project

California History

California's Migrant Children 1940: Online exhibit.
World War ll: Book lists, links to websites.

California Missions

California Missions Info Page
Mission Fact Cards: Quick reference for students in Grades 4 to 8.

European History

Holocaust Information: Timelines, essays, links to other sites.

Food & Clothing

Costume History: What people wore from prehistoric times to now.
Food Timeline: What people ate from prehistoric times to now.

General History

Children of Conflict:Children in war zones; letters, quotes and more.
Eyewitness to History:Primary sources;written accounts, video, audio…

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